How a 3 Week Social Media Respite During the Holidays Changed My Life

Taking a three week social media respite during the Christmas and New Years season was one of the hands down best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever be on social media again during the holiday season ever again. Maybe that’s dramatic and maybe one day I might change my mind but as of this moment, as of this last Christmas and New Years, absolutely never again. It was LIFE CHANGING.

Taking this respite was wonderful for several reasons, which in no particular order, I will address. I’m breaking this down into two sections: what I felt where the benefits of taking a SM respite, and the secondary effects of that decision. I would like to state right off the bat that I’m sharing my experience with you and why it was wonderful for me and nothing more. You’ve got to do what works for you. If you find something here you take with you–great! Otherwise, this is just me sharing my experience. OK you sexy beast!, let’s get started!


The Benefits:

First, taking a respite gave me time to prioritize my time and energy. I was able to make myself, Sam, and Jesus(the reason for the Season) the first priority because I wasn’t dealing with social media. We made time for fun and creating new memories. And I made outlets to deal with the stress of holidays and was better able to cope with it and have fun. Christmas is a really hard time of year for me for many reasons and taking a respite took a huge mental and emotional burden off me. I was able to really rest and destress. I had the time and energy to focus on managing my emotions and my stress level.

mental space:
Second, I had mental space to reflect in December on the past year and give serious thought to what I wanted the new year to look like. I didn’t feel the normal rush to come up with resolutions or try to figure out a “word” for the year in the few short days between Christmas Day and New Years Day. Because I had mental space I was able to focus on all my triumphs and healthy habits I practiced over the past year instead of my failures and missed goals. I was then able to decide my method for 2020 was not to make new goals but to simply carry on all my healthy habits and triumphs into the new year taking it one day at a time. I wasn’t looking to escape 2019. Goal making is great and some people thrive on making and achieving goals but that’s just not where I’m at this year. I wouldn’t have been able to recognize that without having the mental space to do so.

self compassion:
Third, I didn’t enter 2020 in the rat race of comparison. I just said, “no”. “No, I will not engage in that toxic thought process,” and I turned off my phone. I know some can be present on social media and not fall into the toxic trap of comparison and I say, “Bravo to you!” I don’t have that ability yet, so this new year I stayed off social media. I did not need to know anyone else’s goals or plans to be able to make them for myself. I’m trying to get better about using social media as a litmus test of sorts for my ideas–though certainly not for my moral and spiritual beliefs–instead of the well in which I draw every idea. That meant that I met 2020 at home in my pajamas happily oblivious to the whole world content and happy. It was lovely–and cozy comfortable.

Secondary Effects:

What I didn’t expect was to come home more rested. Usually, we get home from Christmas and we are exhausted and it takes us three days to recuperate. Sam and I both woke up ready to get to work after a six hour drive home. We got so much done it’s kind of nuts to think about it. That day we took down every Christmas decoration, three Christmas trees, and every outdoor light. We organized it in coded boxes and then immediatly put it away. We also washed, folded and put away all the dirty clothes from out trip and put the suitcases in the attic, and put away all the Christmas gifts. We worked about twelve hours that day and in all my years I’ve never had that much energy after returning home from Christmas.

I began 2020 in peace. The New Year is normally a very stressful and hectic time where I feel I need to gear up for the epic new version of me that is about to launch. This year I had none of that anxiety. I was calm and happy and content. I had spiritual space this year. Space to breath and be myself and honest with myself and really talk to Jesus. Christmas is a time to be honest with God. A time to reflect on my relationship and be honest about successes and failures, triumphs and disappointments. I made time and space for that this year it it made the most difference of all. I am not focusing on all my performance or what needs to be improved but instead my focus is entirely on mine and God’s relationship one day at a time. It’s been a beautiful way to start the year because I’m not focused on worldly things but instead on spiritual things. It’s so peaceful. Of all the benefits, this one is by far my favorite.

Time, mental space, self compassion, rest, and peace–all product of one simple decision. I don’t want to start a new year any other way. You know, I didn’t even start the year with a planner, or a print out, or anything tangible. It’s ironic that starting the year with removing something from my life instead of adding to it that made my new year better. Taking a social media respite was a blessing and I look forward to doing it again next year.


My Blog is Two Years Old!

I'm Back!It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for two years. Though I haven’t met any of my blogging goals or become the blogger I thought I should to be, I’m thrilled. Typically, I wouldn’t read the previous sentence and feel joy or pride but as I head into my third year of blogging I’m proud to be a finisher. Well, I’m not finished blogging, but certainly I have not failed because I have not quit!

The past two years my personal life has been full of physical and mental challenges that sometimes made the simplest chores–like brushing my teeth–near impossible. I’m so so proud and happy that even amidst my trials I’ve managed to maintain a few things–including this blog. A win is a win no matter how small.

The two most important lessons I’ve learned in the past two years of blogging are; let go of perfection and be honest about who I am.

I’ve held so tightly to the idea that in order to have content worth publishing it needed to be perfect and because of that I’ve missed so many opportunities to post and create. This year I pushed myself to hit the publish button on content that was not perfect and ended up publishing twice as much as my first year.

Unexpectedly, writing this blog has pushed me to confront myself in new ways.  In the beginning I tried to write about a lot of different subjects and topics some me and others not me. At first, I thought I was just uncomfortable writing something different but after a while what started out as fun morphed into misery. It took me a while to understand why I was so miserable too. The topics I was writing about were things–such as makeup and skincare–that in my everyday life I enjoy researching and learning more about. I get a lot of questions about them from friends and family and so I thought I would naturally enjoy writing about them. I fought the idea they were what was causing me so much grief for many many months. When I finally put my foot down and said no to that content, my blogging experience became something I enjoyed again.

As simple and trivial as that revelation might seem, it was not. It started a cascade, an avalanche, of questions about my whole life. Now please, don’t see this as me making this some trivial, privileged affair. This played into circumstances and factors I was already dealing with in my daily life. I starting asking myself serious questions about certain relationships, particular social situations, and energy I was devoting to certain outlets. I began saying no to those things and my mental health started to improve in big ways. I began to see for the first time myself–and that’s a deep knowledge.

If blogging has given my anything it’s a sense of self and an openness to be myself–imperfections and all. Here’s to another great year of blogging! I’m excited to see what this year holds and the lessons I will learn.


Hearth & Hand Cedar Wreath DIY

Last week I took a poll on Instagram about creating a DIY version of a Hearth and Hand Christmas wreath I found at Target. The answer was a resounding 100% for the DIY!  So today I’m sharing the DIY I created and the links to all the components I used to create my wreath!

The beauty of this particular wreath is how it drapes and flows. There something very organic and bohemian about its composition that drew me in–I’m also a sucker for antique tin bells. With the greenery having a organic look and feel it took a bit of hunting to find the same type of faux greenery. The H&H wreath is actually faux cedar but faux cedar stems where really hard to find and the few I did locate were not the right shape, size, or color.

I ended up choosing this gorgeous faux cypress wreath from Joann’s because its greenery had that perfect drape-y effect I was looking for. Even though it was already beautiful on it’s grapevine wreath I wanted the branches to run in opposite directions of one another like the H&H wreath so it needed to be dissembled. And for my copy cat DIY wreath the branches needed to be on a metal wreath frame to get the same effect as the H&H one. And that’s where our DIY begins!

A note: I used black zip ties to attach the greenery to the wreath because it just made the job so much easier but you could easily achieve the same goal with floral white, pipe cleaners, or twisty ties! You could use green zip ties too.

List of Supplies:

Wire Wreath Frame 16in – you can find these at most craft stores

Cypress Wreath – or comparable faux or real greenery

Back Zip Ties 4in – just make sure they aren’t longer than 4in

Black Velvet Ribbon I/2in– any ribbon of your choice will work

Rounded Top Tin Bells 4in – you can use any size you want I just preferred larger bells

Wire Cutters

Needle Nose Pliers


  • Start by removing the greenery from the wreath. Cut the floral wire holding the greenery into place and remove it from the grapevine wreath. The greenery should slip easily from its place within the wreath.Processed with VSCO with q1 presetProcessed with VSCO with q1 preset
  • Decide which end will be the top and bottom of your wreath and then divide each section into four quadrants. Distribute the greenery atop the wire wreath form to figure out how much greenery you’ll need in in each quadrant and then set them aside. Make sure your greenery is overlapping each other at the top and bottom like two laurel wreaths pointing at one another.Processed with VSCO with q1 preset
  • Begin attaching your branches using the zip ties. Don’t tighten the zip ties all the way until you’re sure each section looks exactly like you want and all the branches are laying the way you like.Processed with VSCO with q1 preset
  • Once your zip ties are tight measure out two identical lengths of black velvet ribbon(or ribbon of your choice)make a bow and attach it to the wreath with a zip tie. I found this tutorial helpful.Processed with VSCO with q1 preset
  • Next attach your bells beneath your ribbon. Again, I used zip ties to attach my bells. I attached the first one to the branches of the wreath and the second bell I attached to the zip tie of the first. I made sure when attaching the bells to mirror their placement on each side.
  • When you’re sure everything looks just the way you like pull all the sip ties tight with your needle nose pliers. Then snip all the extra length from all your zip ties and the brown branches ends sticking out.
  • Turn your wreath over and you’re done! Stand back and admire your wreath all Christmas season long and into the new year!

This is a really simple DIY that I hope you all really enjoy! I had fun putting it together and I hope you have fun assembling your own wreaths too! I want to see your creations so please tag me on Instagram and Facebook at #GUandGlitzedDIY! Happy Crafting!



Our Fall Garden

Processed with VSCO with l6 presetI’ve been meaning to post about our garden for some time now but as I talked about on instagram last week the new gardeners learning curve has left us on some occasions with nothing to share. Our fall garden however is plenty filled out and full of color just in time for the season. YAY for finally having something to share! Disclaimer–these are not the best photos I’ve ever taken. We kept getting cloudy and rainy weather and I couldn’t seem to catch a break.Processed with VSCO with l6 presetWe have an urban garden of sorts. It is located in the middle of a major metropolitan area and we live in an apartment, but we are not New Yorkers growing plants on a roof top or a small three foot balcony–thought it can totally be done! We live in an attached townhome on a corner lot so we have a bit more space than your usual city renters, but nothing like having our own front and backyard. As a matter of fact, we can grow very little on our back patio space so it all has to grow in the front.Processed with VSCO with l6 presetThis year we were able to build two six foot raised beds in front of the shrubs of our house and we excavated the “front patio area” that had nothing but horribly uneven pavers and white filler rock. Two years ago Sam pulled up some of the pavers and planted an almost dead little rosemary that he revived and is now humongous. This year he pulled up enough pavers to plant sunflowers next to the rosemary. He left some pavers and bought two fruit trees–a Meyer lemon and a Harvester Peach–and planted them in planters next to the sunflowers. Beside the raised beds and the rosemary the rest of our garden is in planters.GUandGJOHNSONFALLGARDEN0010Our fall garden is mostly in our raised beds where we planted pumpkin pie pumpkins, white Lumina pumpkins, and Jarrahdale pumpkins. We also have purple bell peppers, marigolds, and the purple flowers.  In the planters we have celosia, vinca and purslane, orange moss flower, and sunflowers which keep getting eaten by some unidentifiable bug–see first time gardeners learning curve. There’s also Russian sage, “Texas sage”, and potato vine.Processed with VSCO with l6 presetWe hope to have a nice pumpkin harvest come November. We almost waited too long to plant the pumpkins–the Jarrahdales and Luminas were planted first–and then a week later we plated the pumpkin pie pumpkins. The pumpkin pie variety aren’t as big or growing as fast because we planted them a week later.GUandGJOHNSONFALLGARDEN0013Sam just started pansy seeds for the first time(currently incubating under the grow light in the garage) and we hope to plant them by December for the winter. The Meyer Lemons should also be ready come November or December and we are extremely excited about them. We had a very bad storm that nocked most of them off so our crop will be small but I plan on making either lemon pound cake or lemon cookies with them. I haven’t decided yet, but it will be yummy!Processed with VSCO with l6 presetI thought gardening in raised beds would be the easiest thing ever. Was I ever wrong. Growing in raised beds came with its own set of challenges. You see, the raised beds face west and they receive full sun all day long, all year long. That meant that they got very warm and stayed very warm. Plants such as onions, lettuce, carrots, and radishes got too warm in the raised beds and bolted before we could harvest them. We tried Roma, Cherry, San Marzano, and Cherokee Purple tomatoes in the raised beds during early to late summer thinking they would produce despite the hot temperatures but once again it’s just too hot here in Texas for summer tomatoes of any kind. Bell peppers during the summer months did not do well either strangely enough despite the fact they usually need very warm weather to germinate and grow. More than half of the produce we thought would do amazing was a total bust.Processed with VSCO with l6 presetWe did have great luck with spring peas, rosemary, lavender, thyme, and sage in the raised beds. Basil did amazing but we had to stay after it to keep the bolting at bay. Flowers such as the marigolds and the violas as well as the pumpkins are blooming and growing wonderfully.Processed with VSCO with l6 presetLooking to next spring we will probably focus more on vegetables that have blooms that require pollination–such as squash, zucchini, and okra–rather than root vegetables. We will plant tomatoes and bell peppers again but only as a fall crop. We also plan to start the pumpkins in June so that their harvest time falls in September. As far as what we grew in the planters, cut flowers like zinnias did wonderful as well as green onion and herbs like lavender and thyme. I’ve already been planning out what we will plant early winter/spring 2020. I think next year we will have a much better harvest.GUandGJOHNSONFALLGARDEN0011Resources

I know many people are not confident about growing an urban or container garden but I say go for it! To get the best start possible visit your local gardening center(not a box store) and get recommendations on what grows best in your area and join a local gardening club. The AG extension in your state is the best resource for telling you what plants grow best in your zone and exactly when to start them for the entire year. Reddit is a great resource for asking plant questions when your unsure and need advice such as “are my seedlings too legy?(include a photo)” or “Have my female pumpkin seeds been fertilized?(include a picture)”.


Another tip–which is something Sam and I did get right this year–is to get some grid paper and draw out to scale best you can the entire gardening space you have marking  out exactly which plant will go where and how many you can accommodate. Some plants do better in different light than others, some grow better next to certain plants and away from others, etc. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed about what to buy, buying plants and seeds at the nursery that won’t grown in your region, or buying too many plants for your space.

Another great tip is to buy a grow light and start some of your plants from seed indoors. We had so much success with growing plant from seed. Actually, most of the plants we grew come from seed. Sam did all the research(do your research) figuring out the hardware and then how to properly implement it.

I also suggest investing in your local nursery. The people over at our local nursery know us by name now and are enthusiastic to answer our questions. They know how serious we are about gardening and they are really excited to see our progress and help us in any way they can. Investing in people’s livelihoods makes them more prone to help you. Sam and I have been frequent enough shoppers at our local nursery that if I have a quick question I don’t hesitate to drive by and ask even if I’m not buying something that day. It’s a real benefit to have a good relationship with your local nursery and those relationships broaden your community which feels amazing.GUandGJOHNSONFALLGARDEN0014I hope you enjoyed the tour and found this post helpful. If you have any gardening questions please ask because I would love to answer them! Well, Sam will probably be the one answering them but I will be the one writing the response. We love answering them none the less. And if you have any suggestions or thoughts or just general garden knowledge I would love to hear about everything! I hope you guys have a great week! Thanks for investing and supporting in me and my blog! It means so much to me!



The Perfect Fall Movie Roundup

GussiedUpandGlitzedFallMovieRoundUpDon’t you just love autumn! Its the perfect time of year to cozy up under a blanket and watch a good movie. And what better kind of movies to watch than ones that inspire our love of all things fall!? I’ve created a roundup of the perfect fall movies to watch right this second so grab your hubby, or besties, a hot cup of coffee, and a pastry and settle in for the perfect fall movie night.


If Hallmark Channel is Life

Falling for You

Autumn Dreams

October Kiss

All My Heart Inn Love

All My Heart the Wedding

Hocus Pocus

If You’re Looking for a Sweet Love Story 

The Notebook

The Lake House

Ps. I love you

Nights in Rodante

Or a Great Rom Com

When Harry Met Sally

You’ve Got Mail

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

It’s Fall and Football Season Y’all 

Remember the Titans

The Blind Side

Friday Night Lights


The Replacements


We are Marshal

Jerry Maguire

In the Mood for Drama


October Sky

Little Women

Those Collegiate Vibes

Dead Poets Society

Good Will Hunting

Mona Lisa Smile

Legally Blonde

Monster’s University

What did you think? Did you pick a tried and true favorite or were you adventurous and pick something new? And I want to know which movies are your favorite fall movies! Tell me in the comments below so I don’t miss out!

Thanks for hanging out with me today! If you catch me on my Instastories today I’m hosting a movie watching party this weekend! I will be storying live throughout the movie so it’s like a big ol’ girls movie night from our own couches! Sound fun? Let’s do this! Don’t forget to leave your favorite movies in the comments for me below!



My Fall Favorite Things Roundup

Fall home decor and plus size fashion favorite thingsIt’s almost Friday! WOOHOO! And fall is almost here officially! Double WOOHOO! Can you feel it in the air? Alas, I wish I could but it’s still a billion degrees here in Dallas. Has that stopped me from getting my fall groove on? NEVER!! Fall is the BEST! Of course, I’ve already had like fifty Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I’ve been switching out my summer clothes for fall and sprucing up my home to welcome the changing seasons. So, today in celebration of all things fall I’ve put together a fall roundup of things I’ve been loving and eyeing and swooning over this month. I’ve got a little of everything from home decor to plus size fashion so keep reading to get in the goodies!

I’ve been eyeing this cozy sweater for weeks now, and its duster length is perfect. Now if it would just get cold enough for me to wear it. This longline cardigan will take you all the way through new year with its Donegal yarns. You can never go wrong with a good color block sweater. This sweater is the perfect sweater. Everyone needs a good turtleneck in their wardrobe and this white turtleneck is the perfect twist on a classic. This button up shirt in my fall capsule wardrobe color scheme is a riff on fall.

These glass pumpkins are swoon worthy and will go with all my fall decor for years to come. This one and this one are great budget friendly options as well. This faux arrangement in a ceramic pot is perfect next to a kitchen sink. I’ve been looking for an amber colored vase for a while and this glass candle holder is the perfect size for perching on a stack of coffee table books.

This dress, and this dress are fall power dressing at its best, this dress and this dress –in the gold color especially–would be great to wear to a fall wedding, this dress with a denim jacket is the perfect cool-mom dress, and this blended cotton and linen dress is perfect for transitioning from our hot Texas summers into our slightly less hot Texas autums.

This pillow is the perfect fall decor edition for all my boho ladies out there. It could work year round if it fit into your color pallet or just bring it out during the fall months. It’s even better in person. Target killed it this year with the fall throw pillows. Mix and match any of these for the perfect pop of color: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1011, 12, 13.

Fall is my favorite time of the year to shoe shop because, BOOTS!!! These boots are a great staple in a vintage-y snake print, these cowboy boots speak to the 70’s cowgirl in all of us, and every woman need a pair of red boots in her wardrobe for getting after the devil, running off sorry men, and taking yourself out for a date.

This cozy blanket drew me in for its obvious caramel and orange tones but the blue stripe sold me. Everyone could use a cable knit throw in a spicy ginger. This plaid throw is a great basic. This chunky knit throw is anything but basic with its plush tassels, and basket weave pattern. And this cotton blanket with pom poms is for all my boho, tribal, southwest babes

I’m late to the bandana hair bow trend but I love it for adding pop to an outfit. This bandana scarf with the polka dots made me swoon. This one and this one are also great too.

For a honey colored fall inspired eye I’m dying to try Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette. If high-powered pigments are more your thing then I would suggest the Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1. These new Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Lipsticks are amazing right now my go-to nude has been Dance Floor Princess. I’ve also been obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter all summer and you can believe I will be taking it right through fall and the new year. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling this fall or just need a set of great blushes at an affordable price point then these Morphe Pro Blush Palettes in Warm and Cool are just for you. I have them both and they are a great investment.

With cooler months ahead my skin is already changing and this PEACH & LILY Overnight Star Mask is just what dry, tired skin needs. Their Glass Skin Refining Serum is a must have all year long. These Shangpree Eye Masks are perfect for banishing winter dark circles and fine lines. When the winter months hit I try to add in a serum of 100% hyaluronic acid like this one from Mizon. I go for these inexpensive masks that have a real bang like this one and this one for hydration, and this one for a collagen boost. This awesome brand is in a nationwide drugstore that can’t be missed–a soothing mask and a cult award winning moisturizer are a must buy for the fall season.

With all the fall decorating we can’t leave out our furry family members. This cat bed is an incredible price and it’s adorable aesthetic won’t muck up your living room vibe. My cats love it too!

Colder months are ahead and we will be transitioning indoors but don’t think for one second that means we have to leave all our plant friends behind. This book by Hilton Carter is the perfect antidote! He’s the plant wizard that will guide you on your indoor plant parent journey from Mordor to the Shire–magic ring not included. I would be remiss if I left out Liz Marie’s new book Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home. All things cozy and her beautiful white 1800’s farmhouse are the backdrop to this stunning book about making your home cozy all year long. How appropriate for fall!

I hope my roundup gave you tons on inspiration! It was so hard to narrow it down because there are so many good y’all launched this year. Y’all have a great weekend and if you’ve been eyeing something fall-ish please tell me about it in the comments below because sharing is caring!  Have a great Monday!



Maegan’s Living Room Tour (Before + After)

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetGussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour43.jpgWe’ve made a lot of updates to our living room in the last year and I’m so excited to show y’all what we’ve changed. This post has been a long time in the making and your probably want to grab a coffee or a pumpkin spice latte and settle in. It’s taken a while for this room to come together and my original design plans ran into snags along the way—see below about the mantel art—that worked out in the end. But before we get started let’s take a little walk down memory lane.

This was what the living room looked like when we first moved moved in years ago. We had been married only a couple of years and were still in college so we didn’t have much furniture. I wanted to paint the back wall a cool accent color but I hated it—why I thought I would love flat, grey paint is still beyond me. As I stood there staring at the grey blob telling Sam how much I hated it he literally grabbed a paint sample from the garage and painted our initials over it. It’s was hideous but I loved that he’d inserted himself creatively and tried to make smile so I left it that way for a long time–to my mother’s horror. Gussied Up and Glitzed Before Living Room Tour2

Gussied Up and Glitzed Before Living Room Tour3

After several years and the glue oozing up between the seams of the linoleum we asked  our apartment complex to replace our carpets and old linoleum with a lament hardwood. We had to move all our furniture into the garage ourselves but it was worth it! Sam and I were so grateful and excited! They replaced all the flooring downstairs except for the bedroom. Gussied Up and Glitzed Before Living Room Tour6

Gussied Up and Glitzed Before Living Room Tour1

These chairs were being used in our dining room and I decided to move them back to the living room where they belonged so we had more seating. I also found this cute rug at Tuesday Morning for a great price. It wasn’t big enough for the space but I loved it just the same. We need a coffee table so I took a palette and cut it in half and used extra slats from the opposite side for legs. I had some left over paint so I painted it blue and then distressed it. I loved that coffee table and everyone who ever came over always commented on how much they liked it. You’ll notice that by now the grey patch has been painted over but it’s not the same color as the wall. The apartment complex gave me the wrong paint color and it it would stay mismatched for a long time. Gussied Up and Glitzed Before Living Room Tour7

I took these photos of the living room last August and it was the last time I really photographed our living room. There were a few new furniture items such as the coffee table, the hammered brass side table, the pouf, and the 8 x 10 rug I found at Tuesday Morning for a whopping $38.94! The huge discolored paint blob was still on the wall. Gussied Up and Glitzed Before Living Room Tour4

And after an entire year of scouring Pinterest, tweaking my ideas, and waiting for sales, this is our living room today!Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

The biggest changes we made were; painting almost the entire downstairs white, new furniture, new art, and a new rug—basically everything. I’ve wanted white walls for years now, and even though this wasn’t my preferred shade of white, I’m never one to look free paint in the mouth. I asked our apartment complex if they would be willing to swap out paying for our carpets to be cleaned in exchange for repainting the walls and they said yes! Again, we had to move our belongings ourselves and tape a few walls off but it was totally worth it. Sam was the most excited because although he willingly helps me every time I ask he really detests painting. They ended up repainting the living room, the fire place, the dining room, the entryway, the stairwell, loft wall leading down into the living room, laundry room hall, and garage entrance. What a difference. Paint is so transformative y’all! The whole apartment looks light, bright, and airy!(Leanne Ford would be so proud!) It’s definitely more cohesive and the ceilings all look a foot taller. I think out of all the changes we made this was the most impactful. You can really feel the difference when you walk into the house. And bonus, no more giant blob of paint on the wall! My mom was cheering from Nashville so loud I could hear it in Dallas. Gussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour47Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

Lets talk about this couch. Oh my sweet goodness, I’ve been dreaming of owning this couch for years and I better get a good decade’s worth out if it too! It’s the perfect balance of Sam and I’s aesthetics. The leather is a warm butterscotch(which I live for), but it’s a masculine texture(Sam) with great midcentury bones(me), that’s deep/long enough for Sam (6’4″) to lounge on comfortably, and bonus, it’s great for cats(who knew cats don’t like leather)! Sam was actually not convinced about the leather because he thought it would get hot and sticky like the inside of a car during the summer, but it’s actually very cooling and durable.Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

And a note about cat’s and leather, cats aren’t drawn to leather like they are woven fabrics or velvets. They have never even expressed interest in taking out their natural scratching instincts on the couch like they do our two chairs. Cats are kind of repelled by leather so it’s an excellent furniture fabric choice if you have cats. Though, if a cat is bored and has no other alternative but your leather furniture I’m sure they would go to town.Gussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour4Gussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour42Gussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour30

The blue Strandmon chair(the blue is discontinued but the yellow looks real fun!)we bought earlier this year and was supposed to be living in the library. Sam loves it so much it kind of made it’s way downstairs and never went back. It sits alongside a beautiful vintage velvet wingback chair that the cats LOVE. Shocker. I’ve got to give a big shoutout to Ikea for making a quality product here. I know Ikea sometimes gets a bad wrap for it’s couches but this chair is really comfortable, durable, and the perfect depth for the tall husband in your life. I understand now why they are so popular! Raise your hand if you have a hard time getting your husband to come around to the pretty couches and chairs with great aesthetics because they aren’t comfortable for him? This chair is the perfect compromise! It comes in great colors and will suit the pickiest of couch potatoes.Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetimage

The horse photo. Where do I even begin? You know when I was talking earlier about design “snags”? Well, this is more like a design pot hole from New Jersey. (I’ve been there and the pot holes are like next level–no offense to anyone from New Jersey) 🙂 Back to my design pot hole. So I’ve been staring at this art print on the Urban Outfitters website for like a year I just wasn’t sure where I wanted to hang it in my house. The artist name is Kevin Russ and I really love his photography and it just fits my personality and aesthetic so well. I decided one fated day–to be sure–that it would be perfect over our mantel, but it would need to be a massive print. UO carries prints in massive sizes at a very reasonable price point, but there was no way I could afford to buy it pre-framed. Without a second thought I bought a 44×44 print sure that I could just skip down to Hobby Lobby and use my 40% off coupon and get it framed for cheap. I was so sure of my genius, I reassured Sam it was no big deal and shushed him for worrying about it. Trust me, I’m a professional bargain shopper and I got this! My, oh, my. Maegan, Maegan, Maegan. I did skip on over to Hobby Lobby a few weeks later only to find out they don’t custom frame anything that large. Wait, what? And oh, the price for their largest custom orders is $350-$400 after coupon. WAIT, WHAT!? I was horrified. Here I thought I was so smart buying this huge infrared print at a really great price only to find out I wasn’t going to save any money at all—quite the opposite. I left Hobby Lobby with my huge cardboard tube in a fog. What was I going to do? Sam was with me and thank God he was laughing about it–laughing at me really. I mean he wasn’t happy about it but in retrospect it was funny. So, I knew how much regular framing places cost and I just couldn’t afford that.Gussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour16.jpgimageGussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour22.jpg

There’s a Michael’s Craft Store down the street from our Hobby Lobby(God’s Craft Store and affectionately referred to around our house as the Lobby of Hobbies) and I called them in a last ditch effort. And shock of shock, they do costuming framing for even bigger pieces that 44 x 44. Wait, what?! So we hurried over there and it was really one of the Jesus things where in His omniscience He knew how bad I was about to mess it up and He made a road for me in the desert. The nicest lady was working at the custom framing counter and the framing I was considering just happened to mislabeled for a much cheaper option and she gave us the cheaper price AND she lets us use a coupon. But we were still over what both Sam and I were comfortable paying because the 44 x 44 frame needed acrylic instead of glass—which by the way, is crazy expensive. So we compromised and by trimming the two inch border off the ENTIRE photo–which was so nerve wracking–and using the wider discounted frame to create the “new boarder”. And because we dropped the size two inches all the way around we were able to use glass instead of acrylic! Sam and I were elated! We left the photo there and expected to pick it up the next week.Processed with VSCO with m5 presetGussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour11

Well, I’ll spare y’all the gory details but the framing didn’t go well and we had to take it back three times before the actually got it right. But you know, Jesus is so good, because even though it was a hassle they ended up refunding us half the price of what we paid for the framing so by the time we got it home and hung it up we payed a tiny fraction of the original framing price. See, giant New Jersey design pot hole. But I learned two very valuable design lessons. Framing art is never cheap. No matter how cheap that giant beautiful art you want that costs pennies at that flea market, just know it’s going to cost big bucks to get it framed. And second, never shoot from the hip when dealing with a big budget item because it could cost you three times the amount in the end. Always do your research. Lesson learned. For sure. Also, Sam banned from buying anymore horse art for a long, long, time. Many, many, moons–his words. I humbly acquiesced.Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

And finally the new rug. I bought this soft jute rug during the Labor Day sale at Rugs USA and it just arrived a couple days ago. I’m in love! It added a texture to the room that it was missing and it’s very thick and soft. We’ve never had a rug big enough for this space and this massive 9 x 12 did the trick. The yarn tassels on the end are really fun too. Surprisingly the cats haven’t messed with them much—I’m waiting for it though. They’re more into chasing each other up and over our wingback chairs lately and we’ve got to get that cactus cat scratcher finished soon. They are driving us crazy with all the climbing. Cats are weird wonderful creatures.Gussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour37Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I love everything we’ve done so far and I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made. We still have a few furniture pieces I’d like to replace like our TV console and the end table with one that actually has a functioning drawer. I also want to figure out a better lamp/lighting situation–specifically a floor lamp–and just better ambience lighting over all. I’d also like to try my hand at layering rugs and would really love a cowhide to go under the coffee table. Gussied Up and Glitzed Living Room Tour49Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

We finally made it to the end of my living room tour and I hope you really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for hanging out with me today and if you made it to the end of this really long entry bless you! I know it was crazy long but worth it! Have a super happy Monday!




The Best Tips for Fall Decorating On a Budget – An Exhaustive Compilation

best-tips-fall-decorating-on-budget-exhaustiveI’m coming at you today with the BEST fall budget friendly decorating tips. Are you excited!? Are you pumped!? Me too!! No one has a limitless budget–and everyone is looking for great deals and bargains galore. I was standing in the middle of dollar general the other day when I realized that I share shopping guides with y’all all the time but I never ever share some of my best shopping tips! That’s a real bummer. So below is the culmination of years of personal budget shopping research compiled into one place just for you. This is a hardcore budget shopping guide so grab a snack and get ready to save big bucks!


Thrift Stores – It’s the last place you might think to look but I’ve found some amazing finds for literally pennies on fall dinnerware, glassware, flatware, cookie jars, figurines, faux floral, baskets, candle holders, candles, art, and picture frames. And bonus: it’s a sustainable way to shop. If you don’t already have a thrift store you visit frequently(you should because your missing out on great deals) visit the nearest Salvation Army which is located in almost every town. The next place I would look is a non-profit resale store.

Facebook Market Place –  You’re probably already on Facebook at this moment–hopefully that’s one of the ways you found this blog post–and Facebook Market Place is an excellent way to find great deals on someone else’s cast-offs. You would be amazed at all the stuff people are selling on there for next to nothing. The sky is the limit and you can be really specific about what you’re looking for by setting alerts for certain categories so you’ll get first dibs on an item you’ve been looking for.

Garage Sales – this is kind of a crap-shoot but the best way to go about this without wasting tons of time is to check the paper and craigslist a week before you’re planning on hunting. Sort through the posts and hone in on the houses that are selling the fall decor you’re looking for and get there early. Bonus: Garage sale shopping is an excellent excuse for early morning donuts.

Estate Sales – This is a real goldmine for seasonal decor and household items. Again, do your research a week in advanced online and in the paper to hone in on the houses that have what you’re looking for. Don’t expect to find treasures here at penny prices but do be respectful when asking about bulk pricing. Respect that these items belonged to a person who was once alive and that their family may attach sentimental value to them. Usually though, I’ve had great luck finding dinnerware and faux floral.

Dollar Tree – I love Dollar Tree. They have some really amazing deals and the stores are usually very very clean and the staff is always super friendly. My fall finds here are: dish towels, pot holders, dish drying mats, pillar candles, taper candles, glass taper holders($1 each), candleholders, matching dish sets/glass ware, charger plates, faux floral, seasonal disposable party supplies, small hanging signs, and wall hangings. Don’t forget BALLOONS! Dollar tree has the best balloon section for cheap! They are $1 each!

Dollar General – In Texas Dollar Generals can kind of be a hot mess, but if you live in Nashville were they are headquartered Dollar Generals are AWESOME! They have what they call super stores and they are like small Walmarts with grocery and three times the amount of stuff. If you are lucky enough to live in the Nashville area I’m probably already preaching to the choir. Nashvillians know! Dollar Generals in Dallas are still great and I buy the same sort of things from them as I do Dollar Tree with a few exceptions. My fall picks here are: floor rugs, dish towels, pot holders, dish drying mats, faux floral(I think dollar general has great faux floral), jar candles, metal yards signs & figurines, front door signs, wreaths, table runners, placemats, tabletop decor, serving platters, coffee cups, and string lights.

Hobby Lobby – God’s craft store is the best craft store! Right now all their fall decor–including floral–is 40% off. It’s a great place to shop and use the always available 40% off coupon. If something your looking for is not on sale then wait for it to go on sale–because it will. They have the best floral, ribbons, and votive/pillar candles, candle holders, and a wide range decor items, and their craft section can’t be beat. I can’t live without Hobby Lobby. They are the best.

Michael’s Craft Store – Like Hobby Lobby but less of a selection and the prices are a little higher. Definitely use coupons and shop sales here. Also sign up for their emails because they have crazy flash sales all the time and that’s where you can get some really good deals.



Nature has a bounty of things for free that you can use to decorate your home. I gather branches, acorns, and fallen leaves from the park near my house. I gather pine cones from the tree across the street. I’ve gathered wild flowers and sunflowers from the field up the road. Sometimes, when I see a tree service trimming trees in a neighborhood I stop and ask if I can have a few small branches. If you had a fruit tree in your yard you could use the fallen fruit like apples and pears. See wild grapevine on the side of the highway or climbing a tree in your neighbors pasture? Stop and take some home with you or call your neighbor and ask if you can cut a few vines to take home. If you own your house you could buy a packet of wildflower seeds and plant them to use as cut flowers in vases around your house. Be creative! Decor from nature can be anything you want it to be.



DIY is your budget keeper friend. You don’t even have to stretch your brain too far for ideas–search Pinterest. Use search terms such as: DIY Fall Pillar Candles, DIY Fall Wreath, DIY Fall Pine Cones, DIY Fall, etc. I’ve compiled a short list below to jump start you with easy and budget friendly DIY projects.

  • Candles are your friend. Tie a string, yarn, or twine around each one with a few twigs or a cute tag for a festive fall look.
  • The Dollar Tree has great plate chargers for $1 a piece. You can leave them the color they come in or spray paint them any color you like to match your fall table-scape.
  • Use leaves and pinecones as filler. Place a few small leaves in the bottom of a mason jar and place a pillar candle inside. Tie some twine around the lid. Festive and easy.
  • Buy faux pumpkins from the dollar tree and spray paint them white so they transition through every month until Christmas. Use as vase filler, in bowls, or strewn across a mantel or TV stand for a festive touch.
  • Buy the $1 glass taper candle holders from the Dollar Tree and spray paint any color that suites your decor color scheme. You can do this for any candle holders you find at the thrift stores as well. It’s a great way to turn transform something from ugly to elegant–stick with white or gold for a universal look you can use year round.
  • Ribbon and burlap are your friends. You can transform any jar, vase, candleholder, basket, front door, or table-scape with ribbon or burlap fabric. Hobby Lobby has the best prices and selection for fall ribbon and fabric. Bonus: use their 40% off coupon which you can download and print from their website or get from their app.
  • Spray paint pinecones you’ve gathered and make a fall wreath. Use your 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to buy a cheap grapevine wreath to glue them too. Bonus: find a ugly wreath at a thrift store and remove all the floral using its wreath for your new pinecone wreath.
  • Find baskets and spray paint them to match your fall decor. Add ribbon and faux floral to make them more festive.



  • Tuesday Morning, Home Goods, At Home, Walmart, and the Target dollar bin, are always great places to check for really good deals. You just have to make sure you don’t get sucked in. All stores mix in their higher end stuff with the dollar bin stuff so be savvy and if it looks like its worth $1 but they want $5, skip it.
  • Repurpose items you already own in your home like chalkboards, plates, candles, glassware, etc.
  • Shop post season sales. 
  • Free printables! The internet is full of free fall printables so take advantage!
  • Spray paint is your friend. If you find something you love the shape/size/contours of but hate the color, spray paint it.
  • Michael’s Craft Store has really great fall scented 32oz jar candles for $6. You can use their coupons too and save an extra 40% sometimes 50% off. That’s $3 per candle. they make great teachers gifts too with a little ribbon and cute name tag added.
  • Walmart has a great selection of inexpensive fall wax melts, wax warmers, and candles. They also carry a line of candles and fragrances from Better Homes & Gardens and Yankee Candle that are inexpensive and a really great deal!
  • The cinnamon broom. I think a lot of people remember their moms hanging up a cinnamon broom during the fall and winter months as kids–I know I do. It’s a two-for-one that smells great but also is a decor piece that adds to your home.
  • Buy faux florals, candles, vases, faux pumpkins, ribbon, etc in neural colors so it translates from September all the way to Christmas. You’ll get more bang for your buck and some of your items such a cream or white colored candles, metal(or metal colored) candle holders, plate chargers, can work with your Christmas and New Years decor too.
  • Sign up for email and text alerts so you always have coupons to shop your favorite stores and jump on sales as soon as they happen.
  • Mix faux and real(or live) pumpkins/gourds and floral. It adds more life to the space and also saves money year to year.
  • Price matching! Stores like Target will price match an item if the price lowers within fourteen days of purchase. Seasonal stuff tends to go on sale frequently during the fall season so watch your emails and alerts and take advantage!
  • Be a part of store’s reward program. Even my local thrift store has a rewards punch card that gives $5 off a purchase. Every penny counts!
  • Check for coupons. Always check for coupons. Search Google or the stores website/app.
  • Reuse what you have year after year. This one seems so simple but I know there can be a lot of internal pressure to ‘keep up with the jones’. Don’t believe that lie you’re telling yourself! Stick to what you love and make it work for you year after year.
  • Hone in on a color scheme & decor style. This is kind of similar to the point above but deciding on a color scheme and decor style keeps you from buying lots of decor that feels bitty and non-cohesive. Buying only a few pieces that coordinate can pull a room together easily and keep you from wasting your money and time.

And finally, I believe you should make room in your budget to splurge on one thing you really want. Items I’d recommend splurging on are ones that can be used throughout the entire holiday season and year after year such as; neutral colored(or colors matching your non-seasonal home decor) cozy throws and blankets, a quality front door wreath, a quality faux floral garland, a glass or ceramic vase to hold fall floral, serving dishes such as a giant platter, that fall throw pillow you’ve been eyeing for weeks and weeks.

Whew! I hope that helps y’all and gives you tons of ideas and inspirations on how you can decorate your home to the nines while still maintaining your budget! I’m sure there are so many tricks and tips I don’t know but that you do! Please share them with me in the comments below and I’ll add them to this post. The more tips and tricks the merrier, right? I hope you’re having a great day and thanks for spending time with me today. I really appreciate y’all caring about my little ol’ life and hanging out with me. Have a great day!




My Skin Care Routine

Gussied Up and Glitzed Skin Care RoutineI get questions and comments about my skin and what products I use all the time, and I thought it was about time I shared my skin care routine, favorite products, tips and tricks with y’all.

I practice the Korean ten step regimen because after many years of trial and error it’s what transformed my skin. However, I do not strictly use only one Korean brand or only Korean products, but a mashup of all different brands. I think that’s the beauty of using the Korean 10 step method–handpicking products that work specifically for your skin yield the best results.

I do love Korean skin care products because they are extremely effective, gentle, and the price point can’t be beat. The standard Korean skin care routine usually consists of seven to ten products. It’s a routine that can be done by anyone as it is not at all complicated or overly time consuming. Some people prefer not to utilize all ten product categories and this is perfectly acceptable. Korean skin care is all about customizing a treatment that is right for your skin. You can cut back on some products depending on your skins needs or use dual purpose products. (Korean skin care brands are famously known for creating dual step/purpose products that are extremely effective)

Before we jump in I want to emphasis that I did not buy all these products at once but slowly over time added them one by one to my routine. It’s a bad idea to put more than one new product on your skin a week because you will freak your skin out, and its impossible to know what products do and don’t work for you.

My Skin Care Product Routine: AM/PM

Oil Cleanser : Cremorlab T.E.N. CREMOR CLEANSING GEL OIL
















My nighttime routine looks something like this:

  • oil cleanse
  • exfoliate
  • foam wash
  • toner
  • essence
  • oil
  • serum
  • ampoule
  • eye cream
  • moisturizer
  • lip treatment

Sometimes I will put on a sheet mask or double mask between the essence and oil steps. After the mask is done I finish the rest of my routine normally. I do not use every single serum, ampoule, or oil I have every night. I switch them up each night depending on what my skin is doing. At night I really slather on the eye cream. And by slather I mean generously pat a good amount all over my under eye, entire lid space, and the outside of my eye stretching over my temple.

My daytime routine looks something like this:

  • oil cleanse
  • foam wash
  • toner
  • essence
  • serum
  • eye cream
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen
  • makeup

During the day I wear less serums so my makeup doesn’t slip and slide. Also, I use the eye cream very sparingly during the day or my eye makeup runs everywhere. I do not exfoliate in the morning, ever, because I don’t want to strip my skin of all the good stuff I slathered on the night before.

When the seasons change I swap some of my products for others–like a heavier moisturizer for winter–but for the most part my products usually stay the same. I want to emphasis that I don’t do this routine religiously every day and night. There are just some nights all I manage is to wipe my face with a makeup wipe and crawl in bed. That’s life. But I do try not to go maybe a night or two without at least doing the bare minimum.

My Skin Care Tips:


  • Prevention is Key – Wherever you are in your life journey start now to prevent whatever is down the road. Whether it’s your twenties or you seventies now is the time to start.
  • Moisturize – sounds so simple but it’s in the big three for a reason. Try to moisturize twice a day. Dry skin ages faster and makes it difficult to wear makeup more naturally.
  • Sunscreen – Sun damage plays one of the largest role of aging and/or irritated skin. Wear a sun screen every day–even under your makeup. Your makeup–unless your primer or foundation contains sunscreen–is not protecting you from sun damage. And a little science fun fact* layering products with SPF does not increase their potency or up the SPF coverage. Whatever the highest SPF you’re wearing is the highest SPF coverage you will receive.

Other Advice

  • Hydrate – drink your daily water minimum. Water really makes a difference in your day to day skin health.
  • Facial Exercises/Messages – Asian women have been doing them for hundreds if not thousands of years and their skin is proof. Google Korean facial exercises and you will find hundreds of great videos. Facial message will also help to drain the Lymph Nodes in your face reducing swelling and helping to sculpt your jaw line. I started doing them a few years ago and I can tell a difference.
  • Smile – it makes everyone look more youthful and beautiful!
  • Research – Know your skin. Look at the ingredients in the products you use now and see what their alternatives and opposites are. For example, salicylic acid doesn’t work on acne for my skin–it makes it worse. I respond better to very low doses of alpha-hydroxy acids (aha), sulfur, charcoal, and physical exfoliates that contain enzymes. I learned that simply by looking at the ingredients on the back of the bottle and doing a little Googleing.

OK, that’s pretty much the basics of my skin care routine. I can’t emphasize enough that prevention is the best medicine. And don’t worry, it’s never to late to start. You might not be able to reverse everything about your skin but you can hydrate it and help it get the nourishment it needs and slow more signs of aging!

I want to hear all your questions and comments below! What do you think of my routine? Does it overwhelm, inspire, or both?



*This post is not affiliated or promotional. All thoughts and opinions are my own. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money.

Organizing Our Pantry: Part 1

Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 11Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 10

The hardest part about living in a small space is storage and clutter. You really can’t have tons of excess belongings or visible storage solutions because it makes the house cluttered. Since we moved into this town home six years ago this pantry has been a problem. It’s more closet than pantry. It’s very deep which makes it hard to reach items in the back. The shelves are also very far apart which wastes a lot of valuable space. I have tried numerous times to reorganize it but it always ended up back in its former dismal state. And I think the reason for that is because I was using the wrong kind of storage and not thinking in terms of how a working kitchen needs to be arranged.

Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 2First I needed to purge, clean, and catalog. So that’s what I did. Then I thought about the pantry in terms of how a working kitchen would be laid out. I arranged the items on each shelf by category and put the the most used food stuffs within arms reach. Of course once I started rearranging the pantry it spilled out to other areas of the kitchen. I made a list of all my pantry staples and then I went shopping. Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 6

Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 5I storied on Instagram over the last couple of days about my trips to the Container Store where I picked up several different storage bins–that majority of which are super affordable and perfect for this project. I picked up these Multi_Purpose Bins four medium, one large, and four extra large bins. (They are located in the office supply section) I also purchased these InterDesign Linus Pantry Bins in small and large and these InterDesign Linus Deep Drawer Bins in 4″ X 16″ or what I consider the small size. By the way all the bins I purchased are on sale right now! The Container Store has been running their Customer Favorite Sale for several weeks and will end on August 18, 2019 so you still have time to take advantage of it!

Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 4I began with the canned goods shelf. I took the medium size bins and filled them with the canned goods. What a difference! I tried the large size for the 24oz cans but it was too wide. It might look like the medium size isn’t wide enough but I assure you they are!

Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 1Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 3I wrangled the chips, crackers, and the insane amount of pasta I didn’t realize was crammed into the pantry in the extra large bins on the shelf above. I dedicated this as the gluten shelf. Chips, crackers, pasta, bread, oatmeal, instant breakfast, and snacks–those are the items that live on this shelf.Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 8Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 9I moved the oils that where on the third shelf to the bottom shelf in the last extra large bin. I decided that this bottom shelf would be my baking shelf. I put the extra flour, and all the other baking essentials in the large woven basket and all the sprinkles, baking candy, and food coloring in the one large plastic bin. I went back the next day and bought a small, deep bin and used it to store my baking twine, soups vide cooking bags, crock-pot bags, and plastic microwave steamer bags.Gussied Up and Glitzed Maegan Johnson Pantry Organization 10On the highest shelf I stored all the zip lock, plastic wrap, and wax paper in the second woven basket that had once housed the oils. Next to it I filled another small, deep bin with our everyday napkins. I decided to keep the trash bags located on the top shelf. The boxes of coffee pods still need to be moved to the hutch.

So the shelves are as follows:

Top Shelf: Storage bags, paper goods, trash bags

Third Shelf: Pasta, Chips, Snacks

Second Shelf: Canned Goods

First Shelf: Baking Goods and Oils

Bottom Shelf: Still a Mystery

Door Storage: Condiments, Dry Goods, Seasoning, Breading, Stocks

The top and bottom shelves are still unfinished but so far I think it looks and functions so much better. In the process of rearranging things I broke one of the over the door shelves so that will have to be replaced eventually too. It still has a ways to go but I’m making good progress. I look forward to posting the full before and after when it’s done. I hope this gives you all inspiration for your own pantries. Do you have any pantry storage hacks or tips? Help a woman out! I want to hear them!