Love Makes a Family: We are Fostering to Adopt!

Sam and I are so excited to announce that we have decided to grow our family by fostering to adopt!! Y’all we could not be more excited! We will be fostering a single child between the ages of newborn and one year and are so eager to meet them! We are hoping for a placement before Christmas but definitely expect a placement before the New Year! Our end goal is to adopt, but we will also value each precious moment we will get to love and cherish the children who just need us for a short while.

We are so beyond excited–and a little nervous–to start this journey together as a family. After many years of infertility we are excited about pursuing this path to parenthood. Sam and I have really became passionate about adoption and foster care not only because we feel it’s the best option for us to grow our family but also because of how important adoption and foster are to Jesus.

November is also National Adoption Month and all the local courthouses in The DFW metroplex this month will be having huge parties for all families finalizing their adoptions this month.

There are so many ways to get involved in helping children in the foster system and if you are interested or want to be involved here is the link the for our agency: Upbring. Find out who they are and the services they provide. You can also find their next the next orientation date. We NEED good families like YOU to become foster families!

Agencies like Upbring also need monetary donors. Donor’s play a special role in foster children’s lives especially those with special needs. Your donations could help a child receive specialized therapy that they could not afford otherwise.

Foster children also need advocates and a great way to get involved in the advocacy of a child is to become a CASA volunteer. Just like with foster families there is a desperate need for CASA volunteers too. If they are lucky, a foster child might get a CASA volunteer–most do not. Find out more here about what it means to be a CASA Volunteer.

If you or your family are considering foster care or volunteering your time I encourage you to prayerfully consider this opportunity and don’t leave your research strictly to the internet. Meet real people who foster and people who volunteer with CASA, go to orientations at several agencies(they are NOT, I repeat, NOT created equal) and make your own educated decision about what is right for you and your family.

Sam and Maegan Johnson