Baby E’s First Court Hearing

I know this update is a little overdue. Thank you for bearing with me as I navigate motherhood and foster care at the same time. OK, on to the good stuff.

Last Friday Baby E had her first court hearing and though I cannot go into great detail I will share what I can. Every child in foster care has a standard court hearing two weeks after entering the care of CPS. The night before her hearing her lawyer came by the house to meet Baby E and introduce herself to us. I’m glad we get to meet her lawyer and that she gets to meet us too. Part of her lawyer coming by the house is to meet the child but also to have a first hand account of her in her foster care environment as she will have to report what she sees to the judge at each hearing. We were surprised and relieved to find out Baby E is not allowed to attend any hearings because she is so young and her attendance is too distracting for the bio-parents though older children do have to attend court hearings. Baby E has also been fortunate enough to have a CASA(Court Appointed Special Advocate) Volunteer assigned to her case who also appears at every hearing and acts as an advocate on her behalf. We could not be more excited about this! Not every child in foster care is fortunate enough to have a CASA Volunteer, so Sam and I are so grateful that Baby E is going to have the benefits of that extra support in her life!

We decided that Sam would go to this court hearing since the bio-parents have never met him or seen him. This turned out to be a wise decision as he was informed once he arrived that they did not want him meeting the bio-parents and that it was best they not know he was there. He did glean some information while at the hearing but we really learned more once the CPS investigator called us later that evening. I will preface with there are no definites in foster care until the judge makes his or her decision at the final hearing. We have our hopes and best interests always at the forefront for Baby E and we want what is ultimately best for her. That being said, it looks like at this time, unless something changes Baby E will be in our care for a while.

We are so humbled and honored that we get to be Baby E’s foster parents and walk the road of foster care with her. I’m also so so glad that she has a lot of people in her corner fighting for her best interests–and I’m not just talking about her lawyer, her CPS case worker, or her CASA Volunteer. I’m also talking about all our friends and family praying for her everyday and for our church family embracing her with open arms. We have had such an outpouring of love and support from so many people and I’m proud that Baby E has so many people who already love her and are praying God’s will for her life.

So as always we are just taking it day by day trusting God. I hear people say so often, “I don’t know how you handle all the unknowns. That must be so hard.” And it is. It’s extremely hard. But I trust that God did not lead us down this path and light our way for everything to end in misery. That’s not the God I serve. I am trusting and believing that God actual has–ya know–a plan, and that we are not just hurtling through our lives on a kamikaze mission of chaos. God has a plan for us and God has a plan for Baby E, and the Bible says his plans are Good.

As always thank you to everyone for your prayers. Keep them coming!


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  1. Love you and Sam and baby E. CASA’s usually rock and are the best at letting the judge know what is really happening! Glad she has both and that God is on her side!

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