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acs_0140Becoming a foster parent has put a lot of things in perspective. I put off a lot of things in my life like painting the walls of our town home or buying that rug I really wanted with poor excuses that I can’t even begin to justify. Almost immediately after our fist placement arrived clarity descended–having a child for the first time seems to thrust most parents into the reality of what really matters and what really doesn’t.  I love to decorate and design spaces–I have since I was a little girl–and I realized that a creative passion should be fostered if it brings me joy. It wasn’t just interior design that I had placed by the wayside but also my love for writing and books, my love of fashion and makeup, and my knack for a good DIY. 

I primarily started this blog as a way to share our foster care journey but there again I was challenged. I wondered for a long time if this could also be a place where I share my hobbies and my interests and possibly little things about my life too? At first, I was very against this idea, but one thing our foster care journey has taught me is to live in the moment and make calculated leaps in faith because tomorrow it could all change forever. With this in mind I have decided to expand the topics I cover at this time to include decor, style, and crafts. I am really excited and bit nervous about this new adventure but glad that we are sharing it together!

I wanted to come right out of the gate and give you a little taste of the content that is to come. Here’s a link to my very first interior design project–our nursery tour! I really hope you enjoy it!

Happy Reading!

XX — Maegan

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  1. Excited to see you following your heart and passion! Can’t wait for all the tips on interior design Maegan!!!! #need

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