Our Foster Care Update

We’ve waited all summer to make this decision and we know that many of you are eager to know what is next for our foster care journey. After several months on break Sam and I have decided to put foster care on hold.

The reason for the postponement is a lack of space. Right now we just don’t have the adequate space to continue sharing our bedroom with an older infant or possibly a toddler. We are so so glad we fostered Baby E and would do it again in a heartbeat, but going forward we need more space. We also have no room for our families to come stay and help out from time to time. Not having that extra room put a strain on us and our families when they did come and visit. So until our lease is up we are putting foster care on hold.

While we wait, we will still continue to advocate for foster care and the children who are in the system. I will continue to talk about and advocate for foster care here on the blog as well. This blog began as a way to share our journey with family and friends and it will always be a topic I talk about.

Maegan — xx

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