My Skin Care Routine

Gussied Up and Glitzed Skin Care RoutineI get questions and comments about my skin and what products I use all the time, and I thought it was about time I shared my skin care routine, favorite products, tips and tricks with y’all.

I practice the Korean ten step regimen because after many years of trial and error it’s what transformed my skin. However, I do not strictly use only one Korean brand or only Korean products, but a mashup of all different brands. I think that’s the beauty of using the Korean 10 step method–handpicking products that work specifically for your skin yield the best results.

I do love Korean skin care products because they are extremely effective, gentle, and the price point can’t be beat. The standard Korean skin care routine usually consists of seven to ten products. It’s a routine that can be done by anyone as it is not at all complicated or overly time consuming. Some people prefer not to utilize all ten product categories and this is perfectly acceptable. Korean skin care is all about customizing a treatment that is right for your skin. You can cut back on some products depending on your skins needs or use dual purpose products. (Korean skin care brands are famously known for creating dual step/purpose products that are extremely effective)

Before we jump in I want to emphasis that I did not buy all these products at once but slowly over time added them one by one to my routine. It’s a bad idea to put more than one new product on your skin a week because you will freak your skin out, and its impossible to know what products do and don’t work for you.

My Skin Care Product Routine: AM/PM

Oil Cleanser : Cremorlab T.E.N. CREMOR CLEANSING GEL OIL
















My nighttime routine looks something like this:

  • oil cleanse
  • exfoliate
  • foam wash
  • toner
  • essence
  • oil
  • serum
  • ampoule
  • eye cream
  • moisturizer
  • lip treatment

Sometimes I will put on a sheet mask or double mask between the essence and oil steps. After the mask is done I finish the rest of my routine normally. I do not use every single serum, ampoule, or oil I have every night. I switch them up each night depending on what my skin is doing. At night I really slather on the eye cream. And by slather I mean generously pat a good amount all over my under eye, entire lid space, and the outside of my eye stretching over my temple.

My daytime routine looks something like this:

  • oil cleanse
  • foam wash
  • toner
  • essence
  • serum
  • eye cream
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen
  • makeup

During the day I wear less serums so my makeup doesn’t slip and slide. Also, I use the eye cream very sparingly during the day or my eye makeup runs everywhere. I do not exfoliate in the morning, ever, because I don’t want to strip my skin of all the good stuff I slathered on the night before.

When the seasons change I swap some of my products for others–like a heavier moisturizer for winter–but for the most part my products usually stay the same. I want to emphasis that I don’t do this routine religiously every day and night. There are just some nights all I manage is to wipe my face with a makeup wipe and crawl in bed. That’s life. But I do try not to go maybe a night or two without at least doing the bare minimum.

My Skin Care Tips:


  • Prevention is Key – Wherever you are in your life journey start now to prevent whatever is down the road. Whether it’s your twenties or you seventies now is the time to start.
  • Moisturize – sounds so simple but it’s in the big three for a reason. Try to moisturize twice a day. Dry skin ages faster and makes it difficult to wear makeup more naturally.
  • Sunscreen – Sun damage plays one of the largest role of aging and/or irritated skin. Wear a sun screen every day–even under your makeup. Your makeup–unless your primer or foundation contains sunscreen–is not protecting you from sun damage. And a little science fun fact* layering products with SPF does not increase their potency or up the SPF coverage. Whatever the highest SPF you’re wearing is the highest SPF coverage you will receive.

Other Advice

  • Hydrate – drink your daily water minimum. Water really makes a difference in your day to day skin health.
  • Facial Exercises/Messages – Asian women have been doing them for hundreds if not thousands of years and their skin is proof. Google Korean facial exercises and you will find hundreds of great videos. Facial message will also help to drain the Lymph Nodes in your face reducing swelling and helping to sculpt your jaw line. I started doing them a few years ago and I can tell a difference.
  • Smile – it makes everyone look more youthful and beautiful!
  • Research – Know your skin. Look at the ingredients in the products you use now and see what their alternatives and opposites are. For example, salicylic acid doesn’t work on acne for my skin–it makes it worse. I respond better to very low doses of alpha-hydroxy acids (aha), sulfur, charcoal, and physical exfoliates that contain enzymes. I learned that simply by looking at the ingredients on the back of the bottle and doing a little Googleing.

OK, that’s pretty much the basics of my skin care routine. I can’t emphasize enough that prevention is the best medicine. And don’t worry, it’s never to late to start. You might not be able to reverse everything about your skin but you can hydrate it and help it get the nourishment it needs and slow more signs of aging!

I want to hear all your questions and comments below! What do you think of my routine? Does it overwhelm, inspire, or both?



*This post is not affiliated or promotional. All thoughts and opinions are my own. All products mentioned were purchased with my own money.
Declutter Your Closet in 9 Steps / MaegankJohnson Blog

Declutter Your Closet in 9 Steps

The closet purge. It doesn’t matter how well you know your style, every so often it’s time to clean everything out. Am I right? It could just be that the seasons have changed and as you un-box your clothes for the new season wardrobe you spot pieces and items that just aren’t working for you anymore. Or maybe there are a few things that just don’t fit the same as they used to–hello Christmas cookies and those extra holiday carbs. Or maybe you’ve had a major life change and your wardrobe no longer fits your current lifestyle–I’m looking at you brand new mama. Whatever the case may be, life is constantly changing and so our wardrobes are constantly changing as well.

I have two resources I recommend reading on the subject of decluttering and closet management. First is ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up‘ by Marie Kondo and the second is ‘The Curated Closet’ by Anuschka Rees. They both have a wealth of knowledge on two different but similar subjects–one on organization and health the other on style–and I highly recommend you read them both. I drew a little from both of these resources while coming up with my own purging method.

A few recommendations before you start:

Purge your closet before organizing your closet

  • I’ve made this mistake a hundred times and let my say that trying to organize where bags and shoes should live among all the clothes you probably don’t wear and wont be keeping is a total waste of time. Leave the organizing until the end.

Purge accessories and shoes last

Gather your tools

  • Trash-bags, permanent marker, music to set the mood, something to keep you hydrated

Let’s Begin!

You will be making four piles: pieces that don’t fit, pieces you haven’t worn in the last year, pieces you’re keeping, and a donate pile. Lay a trash-bag out to represent each pile.

1. Separate and place in a pile what doesn’t fit

  • Let’s be honest–you probably know the exact pieces of clothing that don’t fit in your closet right this minute. And if you aren’t sure, you probably have a good idea which pieces really need the ‘try it on’ test. I will go so far as to guess with great accuracy that you are picturing those pieces of clothes right now. Take everything for the current season that you know doesn’t fit and put it in a pile. Don’t try anything on yet.

2. Separate and place in a pile everything you haven’t worn in the last year that still fits

  • Don’t make excuses for your clothes, don’t not put it in the pile because you spent good money on it and you probably will wear it later on–maybe(that’s called the sunken cost fallacy–go google it). Just put it in the pile. You will be glad you did later on.

3. Go through the ‘doesn’t fit pile’ one piece at a time, try it on if need be, and determine if this is really something you will ever reasonably be able to wear again.

  • If you’re not confident you will be able to fit into it again within the next six months or by the next year(summer 2019 from now summer 2018) then toss it in the donate pile. Holding onto the past sometimes keeps us from reaching our goals in the future. I’m speaking from personal experience as someone who lost 130lbs. When I started my weight loss journey, I parted ways with a lot of clothes I had been keeping for years in the hopes one day I could go back and fit into them like the old days. You can’t go back to the old you. You–in the present–has to move forward to your future self–that’s how time works. However, if a particular piece of clothing motivates you forward I say keep it! That clothing is now an empowering tool to encourage you! You will know the difference too as you hold each item. If it fills you with guilt its holding you back. If it empowers you, keep it!
  • If something is too small or too big but has extreme sentimental value(notice I didn’t say guilt or sunken cost fallacy) then keep it!

4. Put all clothes you haven’t worn in the last year in the donate pile

  • Let’s face it–you didn’t wear it because you didn’t love it and you probably are never going to wear it. Give someone else the chance to wear it who really would love it. If it’s a more expensive item try selling it at a consignment store or through an app like Poshmark. *
  • If there’s something you haven’t worn but has extreme sentimental value(notice I didn’t say guilt or sunken cost fallacy) then keep it!

5. Go through the remaining clothes in the fourth pile piece by piece and determine if it fits your style perfectly

  • Can you make three separate outfits with this item? Do you really love wearing it? Does it fit right(can you wear it all day without discomfort)? Does it make you happy to put it on? If you answer yes to all these questions then place it in a new ‘to-keep’ pile. Repeat this step for each item. What doesn’t make the cut gets tossed in the donate pile.

6. Separate all the off season clothes (that would be fall and winter right now) and put them in bags or boxes and store them underneath your bed

  • When doing a major ultimate purge I don’t recommend trying to sort off-season clothes because it’s too overwhelming to guess where you might be in four-six months in life. Just repeat this process once the seasons change.
  • Move all off-season clothes into bags or boxes and store them under your bed. This will free up space in your closet and each time you look for an outfit you will only see the clothes that can be worn right now. This is really a huge deal because it gives your brain a mental rest and it becomes relaxing to look at the clothes in your closet and not have to constantly block out all the off season items.

7. Bag up all the clothes being donated or stored and label them

8. Put your donate bags in the trunk of your car

9. Place all the items in the ‘to keep’ pile back in your closet

10. Repeat these 9 steps for your shoes, jewelry, and other accessories

*There might be a few items that you’re on the fence about. I recommend a trial separation for these items. Put them away for two weeks in a bag under your bed. If you don’t go looking for them in two weeks donate them.

Once you have it all purged its time to organize and beautify your closet!

I hope this post was incredibly helpful and simple. Its daunting to tackle what seems like an impossible task but I know you’re up for it! I want to know if my ‘method’ worked for you! Come back once you’re done and tell me how it went in the comments below!

Maegan — xx

Spring Beauty Roundup: Mama Approved

I could not be more excited for Spring! Temperatures are rising, there’s more sun, more daylight, more time outside with Baby E! The warmer temps also gives me more reason to ransack my beauty cabinet and rotate old products out for new ones! This spring I find myself a busy mama with an infant and I just don’t have as much time to preen as I used to. This year I’m focusing on versatile products to get as much bang for my time as I do my buck! And now, more than ever, I really think about everything I’m putting on my body because what touches my skin touches my daughters skin. And she is so so sensitive to boot!  So this spring my beauty round up is not only fresh and glamorous but mom approved–even for high maintenance mamas like me! Here are my top warm weather, mama approved, beauty picks!

1.  – Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette  This is the best eyeshadow palette you will buy all year. These are the creamiest, pigmented eyeshadows I have ever used. The color payoff is so versatile from a wash of color to intense, vibrant payoff. Not to mention the price point is perfect–thirty-five colors for $38–and the pan sizes are huge. This palette will take you through spring all the way to fall. Seriously. I’m not even using any other eye palette right now! Also, it’s a one stop palette. Check out Jaclyn’s YouTube channel or Google “Jaclyn Hill Palette Eye Look” for lots of different eye looks. From sweet and natural, to warm smokey, or full on glam there is nothing this palette can’t do–the possibilities are endless!

2. – I tried this MORPHE Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge for the first time a few days ago and can I just say–WOW. I’ve used MORPHE’s regular beauty sponge before but this baby is a game changer. You can do it all with this sponge: foundation, concealer, powder baking, contour, and highlight. Because of the way the edge is chiseled it is the ultimate sponge. This is also a great tool for mom’s because it’s an all in one tool. When I don’t have a lot of time I choose this sponge over my face brushes because it is quicker and I’m only reaching for one tool instead of five. And for $7 it’s extremely affordable. It’s a game changer.

3. — L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara  in Blackest Black. This mascara is the perfect dupe for Too Faced Better than Sex mascara at a fraction of the cost. And yes, the waterproof version is actually better. You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s so popular it’s sometimes hard to find! Busy mama tip: Stock up on these when your local Target or Ulta runs a buy one get one half. You’ll thank me later.

4 — Savvy Minerals Lip Gloss by YOUNG LIVING in Embrace and Abundant If you’re looking for a natural lip gloss that’s also beautiful look no further. It’s made with natural ingredients and is not tested on animals. It’s formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, bismuth, talc, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colorants. Need I say more? Baby E has the most sensitive skin and I can kiss her cheeks all day with stuff and it doesn’t break out her delicate skin. I am so so careful about what touches her skin and I love that I can kiss her sweet little chubby cheeks guilt free with this Savvy lip gloss! I love wearing it when I’m throwing a hat on and running out the door or with a smokey eye. It’s natural looking and somewhere between sheer to medium coverage. It applies flawlessly without the sticky tacky feeling of other glosses–which I love–and has a great peppermint smell! Baby cheeks approved! You can purchase this lip gloss directly from YOUNG LIVING at the link above or you can join our team as a member and get the lip gloss plus the entire Savvy Minerals Makeup line at a discount!

5 — URBAN DECAY De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray  If you’re an oily mama like me–pun intended–then you know when the warmer months hit this stuff is essential for a flawless all day makeup look. And as a busy mama I don’t have time to worry or fuss over my makeup. I need to get it on and go! This spray keeps my makeup from breaking up and running off my face all day. It also keeps my face from getting shiny. URBAN DECAY makes another setting spray called All Nighter but De-Slick is better for oily skin in my opinion–it does a better job for me.

6 — Flower Cosmetics Petal Pout Velvet Matte Lipcolo in Pink Orchid This budget friendly lipstick is UH-MAZING! I talked about this lipstick on my insta-stories a while back and I still feel just as strongly about it. The color selection reminds me a lot of Tom Ford and they have similar textures and consistencies. The pigmentation is amazing with a wide range of neutrals and bold colors. I love the matte formulation the best but they are both great and for $6 a pop you can afford more than one! Budget friendly and amazing quality don’t happen very often but Drew Barrymore does it here. I love a good pop of color for spring and this season I’m gravitating towards bright pinks, yellow reds, and orange-y corals.

7 — Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder As with the De-Slick Setting Spray above this a must have product all year round for me–especially during the spring and summer months. I always set my makeup with this powder because it mattifies my skin and soaks up any extra oil. This is especially a problem when the temperatures start to climb. This powder is pricey but it last me at least six months. Apply with a light hand to avoid looking cakey and powdery. I never put on makeup without this powder because I know I can set my face and not have to worry about transferring my foundation onto my clothes or baby E. Best powder for mamas with oily skin for sure!

8 — YOUNG LIVING Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter I can’t get enough of this vegan body butter. It is the most delicious, limy-y, beachy, juicy smelling body butter I’ve ever used in my life. I feel like I’m rubbing a margarita on my body. And there is absolutely NO FAKE COCONUT SMELL. It’s like a tropical getaway in a tub. I want to eat this every time I slather this stuff on and I guess I actually could. As a mama who’s always on the lookout for natural products I can use on my body I am so ecstatic to have found this stuff! Made without parabens, petrochemicals, colorants, or animal-derived ingredients, this vegan body butter is filled with skin-loving ingredients like mango and cupuacu butter. Mama approved right here! As with the Savvy Lip Gloss above, you can purchase this body butter directly from YOUNG LIVING at the link or you can join our team as a member and get it at a discount in a wellness box that comes right to your door every month!

There you have it! I’m so excited for Spring–if only the weather would cooperate! I would love to know what your spring beauty picks are! Leave your picks and suggestions in the comments below!